Dreaming of Newyork by Sujin Kwon

Dance Styles: Digital
Techniques / Methods: Animation Drawing Music Video
Moods: Love People Poetic Red Sounds Warm

© sujin

hand drawing, 2D animation.

This is a collaboration video between a singer songwriter, Leslie Early and a visual artist, Sujin Kwon.

You can feel subtle, sensitive emotion between the song and the video.
You might feel like someone is whispering to your ears in the cold, cold winter time.
Of course, you're not alone.

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The Firebird by Jay Pather&Janni Younge

Dance Styles: African Dance Contemporary
Techniques / Methods: Drama Drawing Puppetry
Moods: Dynamic Emotional Ethnic

© Idaho Statesman

This production of The Firebird, directed by Janni Younge and choreographed by Jay Pather, is a puppet and dance performance set to Stravinsky’s original score. Janni Younge’s Firebird draws on the symbolism and dramaturgy of Fokine’s original choreography (based on figures from Russian folklore) and reinterprets them in a contemporary South African setting, using larger-than-life puppets and African dance forms.

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