WhARTever Should Happen by Alexander Carrillo

Dance Styles: Contemporary Traditional
Techniques / Methods: Costume Stage Lighting
Moods: Black Ethnic Human Melancholic Surreal

© Alexander Carrillo

Magic realism and surrealism in action. Real stories in times of crisis, violence, as well as love and hope. The cruel and devastating reality of the Latin American farmer in relation with its time, place and life itself. Customs and traditions, transformed in and confronted with contemporaneity.

Choreography & Direction: Alexander Carrillo
With: Alexander Carrillo, Fernando Derks.
Dramaturgy/Assistant: Carolina Ortega
Music: Tim Kienecker, Fernando Derks

Camera - Video & Sound Editing: Irene Izquierdo
Light-Design: Asier Solana
Photograph: Anastasia Coyto
Production: Alexander Carrillo
Supporters: DOCK 11 Berlin

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